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Amir Khan and BIBA Successfully Launches Pro Boxing In Pakistan – Inaugural Event Featuring British & Irish Boxers Raises 8 Million PKR For Charity.

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Amir Khan and BIBA Successfully Launches Pro Boxing In Pakistan – Inaugural Event Featuring British & Irish Boxers Raises 8 Million PKR For Charity.

It may have only been 4:30 in the morning, but the heat was stifling as the Emirates A340-300, that carried the contingent of international boxers and officials from the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) that were to take part in a charity pro boxing event promoted by two Division World Champion Amir Khan just two days later, made it’s final approach into Karachi Quaid-E-Azam International Airport in Pakistan.

The pugilists and officials on-board flight EK 0604 from Dubai last Tuesday couldn’t have had the slightest inkling of the reception they were going to receive, not just on arrival but also over the following three days, if they did they hid it well.

As the group exited the plane and headed towards passport control along with their fellow passengers, a squad of security officers singled them out, and instead of joining the seemingly never ending conga of exhausted passengers, that were aimlessly shuffling between the rope barriers, they were lead to a security desk far removed from the passport control booths.

Normally this scenario would cause concern to a traveler, however from that moment on it became crystal clear to all those in the party that this was not the normal welcome an international traveler would receive, not by a long shot, this was the reception reserved only for the most important of VIPs.

After clearing passport control in record time and with the security detail flanking them the boxers and officials were greeted by the ever smiling Tahir Khan and his team from Khan Promotions and led to a convoy of awaiting vehicles.

Heading up the convoy was an army truck containing a team of heavily armed Rangers, under the command of the highly decorated Captain Abbas, and to the rear another heavily armed vehicle, this time a Police truck, again with a heavily armed squad aboard.

Once all aboard the team were escorted at high speed through the streets of Karachi to the palatial 5 Star Pearl-Continental hotel, where even though having an army and police escort each vehicle was checked thoroughly by the hotel security team.

Once clearing the security gate the BIBA team were lead into the opulent foyer, which was close to the dimensions of a premiership football pitch, where each received the key cards to their stately rooms.

Whilst some went straight to their beds for some much deserved sleep, BIBA CEO and Executive Vice President Gianluca Di Caro and World Boxing Union (WBU) Super Flyweight World Champion Tasif Khan received their media itinerary for the coming days, which started just 90 minutes later, where they were to join Amir Khan as studio guests of the highly popular radio City FM89 Morning Show host Khalid Malik, for those in the UK think Chris Evans level of popularity and double it.

Following the thirty minute segment with Khalid Malik, Amir and Gianluca were then spirited to a local TV news studio for further interviews before returning to the sumptuous Pearl-Continental for lunch.

Following lunch, Amir was joined by his father, Shah, Liverpool’s Dayle Gallagher, who was one of the boxers on the event and BIBA’s Gianluca Di Caro to be part of a thirty minute interview, hosted by the exquisite Anoushey Ashraf for her hugely popular chat show.

Just an hour or so later Gianluca and Dayle were joined by Amir’s brother Haroon ‘King’ Khan, WBU Champ Tasif Khan, Preston Cruiserweight Stuart Maddox, Belfast’s Phil Townley, World class referee Richie Davies and coach Stephen Speed in the lobby, ahead of another escorted trip across Karachi, this time for a meet and greet at the Dolmen Mall in Clifton.

None of the group could possibly have been prepared for the reception that awaited them, as literally thousands of fans crammed into the huge three level American style shopping mall, each and every one of them greeted the boxers and officials as if they were the biggest of Hollywood stars.

Once in the Greenhill prepared show ring each was inundated for requests of selfies or to pose for photos for a good thirty minutes or so before the star attraction himself, Mr. Amir Khan made his entrance to rapturous applause and cheers.

After Amir had finished his personal greeting to the assembled fans he was joined by Haroon, Tasif, Dayle and Stuart at the front table to sign autographs and pose for selfies with the fans, whilst Phil Townley, Richie Davies, Stephen Speed and Gianluca Di Caro moved around the ring posing for selfies with the overwhelmingly welcoming fans.

Once the meet and greet was over, Amir and the BIBA entourage were escorted at high speed back to the Pearl-Continental, to have a quick shower and change ahead of another special event, where Amir opened the majestic new Tai-Pan Chinese restaurant and each and everyone of the BIBA team were special guests also.

The following morning, whilst Amir and his father Shah were being interviewed live on the Geo Morning Show, BIBA Chief Inspector Stephen Smith and Scunthorpe Cruiserweight Jody Meikle had arrived at Karachi Airport, where they too received the full VIP treatment including the high speed Army and Police escort.

Shortly after lunch Amir, his team, the Boxers and BIBA officials made the short walk to the Zaver conference hall at the Pearl-Continental for the press conference.

To outside observers it must have seemed that the press conference was for the biggest of the World Championship contests, as there were so many TV crews and media in attendance as well as a host of dignitaries.

After Amir had made his presentation about the event, the Amir Khan Trust and it’s aims, he opened up the floor for questions, whilst most were about the event one of the journalists put him on the spot by asking, “as it was announced today that professional boxers can now box at the Olympics would he be representing Pakistan in Rio” Amir diplomatically answered that it would be an honour, but he has contractual obligations with his promoter to consider, before adding, that whilst he would love to represent Pakistan in Rio, that he really believes that the opportunity should be there for a young fighter, as it was such an honour when he had been presented the opportunity to compete in the Olympics for Great Britain, when he was just seventeen and that was the springboard for his professional career, as it would be for any Pakistani boxer that competed at Rio 2016.

As with every media event the BIBA contingent were treated as if they were major World stars with each being interviewed and photographed by the media.

After a quick meal Amir and the BIBA team were once more escorted at high speed by the army and police across Karachi to a public workout at Frere Hall in Clifton.

Once again there were so many media, along with thousands of fans in attendance as the boxers individually entered the ring for the workout, after which each was inundated with media interview requests and selfies with the fans.

This event was so popular that it overran by quite a margin and it would not be until just after 11pm that Amir and the fighters etc finally were escorted back to the Pearl-Continental.

With just the single media event on Thursday, as it was fight night, Amir and the boxers gathered at the elegant venue for the seriously swanky dinner event at the Pearl-Continental Marquee Conference Hall for a media photo opportunity.

The BIBA fighters, who had all been presented with team outfits courtesy of Khan Promotions sponsor Greenhill, happily posed for individual shoots as well as group photos with Amir.

After the shoot the team had a couple of hours to chill or grab a bite to eat before the big night, well most of them, as Tahir and Gianluca still had work to do.

The night started with Amir making a speech and a presentation of the Amir Khan Trust project to raise the money to build water wells in the region of Thar, an area that has been described as the poorest in the World.

Originally there were to be four professional bouts, however that was not to be as prior to leaving the UK Haroon picked up an injury. To make matters worse just days before the fight Tasif’s opponent Francis Croes tore a ligament in his arm, forcing him to pull out.

Some quick calls from Tahir see a female amateur bout, featuring two seventeen year old friends from Lyari, Saira and Ambreen being added to the bill and opening the show

Before the pro fights though the important matter of raising funds for Amir Khan Trust, firstly from donations and then through an auction of Amir’s personal belongings, such as signed shorts, gloves, paintings, posters etc

Both were a massive success, with the Amir Khan Trust receiving donations that amounted to the equivalent of twenty much needed water wells and the auction itself incredibly raising close to 8 Million PKR.

The historic first pro boxing bout to take place in Pakistan featured Liverpool’s unbeaten Dayle Gallagher against Belfast’s Phil Townley in a four round Middleweight contest. Officiating the contest was no less than World renowned Referee Richie Davies.

Right from the off the two protagonists went to war, the experienced Irishman going straight on the attack, the Liverpool youngster kept his cool and got behind his jab to keep the ever advancing Phil Townley at bay.

Dayle, initially taking a controlled countering approach, then proceeded to showcase his exceptional skills against his much more experienced opponent, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all one way traffic but the Liverpool youngster put on a sublime controlled performance that belied his tender years.

After four superb exciting rounds of boxing Referee Richie Davies declared the bout 40-37 in favour of Dayle Gallagher.

The second pro bout of the night, see Scunthorpe’s Jody Meikle in action against Preston’s Stuart Maddox in a four round Cruiserweight contest.

What an intense closely fought contest, both protagonists went at it with gusto, much of the time it could have been fought in a phone booth as they stood toe to toe slugging it out.

After four rounds of pugilistic action Referee Richie Davies scored the bout 39-36 in favour of Stuart Maddox, which whilst without doubt correct doesn’t project just how close a fight this was.

Finally singers Bilal Saeed and Adeel Chaudhry performed sensational live sets as the guest enjoyed their sumptuous dinners.

Speaking after the event, Amir Khan said

“First of all I want to say thank you to all the lads that took part, they are all winners in my eyes, flying out here to Pakistan and fighting here, even Tasif, who didn’t get to fight, as his opponent Francis Croes was injured the day before he was due to fly over, however Tasif still came here and has been part of all the build up to this big fight, because he could have stayed in the hotel and not done anything, he’s got family here in Pakistan but he said no, he wanted to stay with the team.

This is what Boxing brings, we’re like one big family, you know we all stay together.

I’m so glad I’ve done this in Pakistan, because it’s opened a new door for me to do more boxing events. I’m definitely going to do it again with BIBA, I’d love to come back to Pakistan and give Pakistan the fights they want.

Tonight’s event raised a good amount of money for a place called Thar, the reason I am doing it here is because Thar is rated one of the poorest regions in the World. The Government don’t help the place and nobody talks about this place.

Kids are dying, thousands of kids are dying every month you know there’s no clean water, it’s like a desert, we are going to provide water wells, it doesn’t cost that much but will save so many lives and that will make me so happy, so I am doing this for them. I’ve enjoyed doing the boxing event, so we can build these wells, the reason we and the boxers flew over from England is for the people of Thar.

It shows a lot of balls these fighters and officials to come over here, because the media implies that Pakistan is not a safe place to visit, but these boys have shown balls by coming and fighting here to help me to raise money for the people of Thar.

Not just that but it’s all about doing these promotional events and putting on these fights in order to introduce a new sport, professional boxing, to Pakistan. This will motivate all the kids to go to the gymnasiums and our academies, so it works in many ways.”

Amir then went on to thank the companies and individuals that got behind the historic event.

“I would like to thank HBL for being the lead sponsor of the HBL Superstar Boxing Event, IRIS Event Management, Reema Siddiqui, Omar Satti and Xenith PR for putting together such a great event, BIBA for bringing international boxers to Pakistan, The 42 – Day Challenge and Phegency PR for the public workout event, Hashoo Group, J.Fragrances, Greenhill, National, Dolmen, Red Crescent, BlueEX, Careem, City FM89, FHM and last but not least the Rangers for their support.”

Final word has to go to BIBA’s CEO & Executive Vice President Gianluca Di Caro.

“I cannot begin to express how much I admire and respect Amir, throughout the many media events not only has he given his time so freely to sign autographs or have his photo taken with the fans, but still found the time to spend an extraordinary amount of time meeting with sponsors and dignitaries to ensure the event successfully went ahead.

Amir’s passion for the project has been infectious, so much so that every single one of the boxers and officials that came over have already committed themselves to help raise further funds for the Amir Khan Trust, in fact Dayle Gallagher donated his purse for the night, Stuart Maddox has asked that £100 from each of his future purses go to the AKT and Stephen Speed is paying for one of the wells to be built, and as an organisation we are going to raise funds at every future event we sanction.

I also have to say I am overwhelmed by the reception we have received here in Karachi, I have never experienced anything like this in my life, I will treasure the memories of my time here, I have loved every second of it, I have met so many wonderful people here and have to say the fans at the Dolmen Mall and the public workout at Frere Hall were amazing.

I would like to say a very special thanks to Captain Abbas and his team of Rangers and the Sindh Police for looking after us so well on the special events away from the hotel and also Dr Muzzummil Pervaiz and the Pakistan Red Crescent, who provided the medical coverage for the team, as well as to, Arshad Nazeer and Imran Khan from the Pearl-Continental Marco Polo Restaurant and Pearl-Continental’s Director of Food and Beverages Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khan for their exceptional hospitality and introducing us to some fantastic local delicacies.

I just hope that our being here will open the door to more International sportspeople coming to Pakistan to compete, as well as hope that people from around the world come and visit Pakistan, it’s a beautiful country and the people here are so friendly and welcoming, I know I can’t wait to come back again and will do so in the near future for sure.”

For further information on the Amir Khan Foundation (UK) and the Amir Khan Trust (Pakistan) please go to

This event is sanctioned by the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA). For further information please go to

Marston Set to Challenge Tshabalala for Unified World Crown on July 2nd

TshabalalaMarston2ndJulyPosterMarston to Challenge Tshabalala for Her World Crown on July 2nd

Over the past week or so the World’s press have been focusing heavily on the recently announced 9th July Tyson Fury-Wladimir Klitschko WBO-WBA-IBO Unified Heavyweight Championships rematch. Quite rightly so, it’s a huge fight, however just one week earlier, an equally World significant unification bout is also set to take place right here in the United Kingdom.

On July 2nd, at the Arena UK in Grantham, Lincolnshire, World #15 and British #1 ranked Marianne Marston will not only be challenging South Africa’s World Boxing Federation (WBFed) Super Bantamweight World Champion Gabisile Tshabalala for her coveted crown, but will also be aiming to secure the World Boxing Union (WBU), Women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA) and Universal Boxing Organization (UBO) World accolades.

London based Marston, who was originally due to challenge Unathi Myekeni for the Bantamweight version of the WBFed strap back in December, that was until Myekeni was forced to withdraw following a hand injury, is clearly relishing the belated opportunity, as she made clear when she spoke earlier.

“I cannot thank WBFed President Howard Goldberg enough for making this happen, like me he was so disappointed when Unathi (Myekeni) pulled out injured last year.

In addition to Howard, I would also like to thank WIBA President Ryan Wissow, WBU President Don Lewis and Sebastien Pitois from the UBO, as they have been so supportive throughout my career, so to also challenge for their Championships really is so special for me.

I’m forty two now, so honestly thought after Unathi pulled out, that’s it for me, I’ll never get the chance to fight for a World title, OK that’s not quite true, I could have fought for a vacant title, but to me that’s just not good enough, I want to fight the best, I want to beat the World Champion.

I’ve seen video of Gabisile, when she fought Shannon (O’Connell) in 2013, but would very much like to find any video of her when she won the World title last year. I know how much I have changed, fight wise, since 2013 so really want to see if there are any changes to her style or tactics.

From what I have seen, she’s a classy fighter, very quick hands. When she fought Shannon, she was mainly counter punching, which would suit me, but for some reason I have a feeling she will have a very different approach as a defending Champion.

Either way, this will be a great fight for the fans, there’s such a contrast in our styles and in my view it’s those differences in style and tactical approach that will make this such a great fight to watch.

British boxing is booming, we have so many World Champions at the moment, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Kell Brook, Carl Frampton, Lee Selby, Liam Smith, Jamie McDonnell, Lee Haskins, Tony Moran, Craig Docherty, Terry Flanagan, Anthony Crolla, James DeGale and of course my old gym mate at the TKO, Billy Joe Saunders.

Obviously they’re all men, so I want to redress the deficit a little and join them, as well as be the first British Female boxer to be crowned World Champion since Jane Couch beat Jaime Clampitt for the IWBF title in 2004.”

Gabisile Tshabalala Vs Marianne Marston for the WBFed, WBU, WIBA and UBO Super Bantamweight Unified World Championship headlines the Russ Brown promoted AS GOOD AS IT GETS event at the Arena UK in Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK on Saturday 2nd July.

This event is sanctioned by the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA)

Tickets: Priced £30 (Standard Seated) and SOLD OUT (Ringside VIP) are available online at and

Please show your support and follow Marianne Marston on Twitter @MarianneMarston or on Facebook and – or see her websites and

Fight Report: Churcher KOs Horvath To Secure WBF title as Herbert Shines In Wales.

BarrChurcherMurphyFight Report: Churcher KOs Horvath To Secure WBF title as Herbert Shines In Wales.

Lee Churcher pulled out a sensational against the odds victory over Hungarian Balazs Horvath on Saturday night to secure the World Boxing Foundation Intercontinental Middleweight title, at the Pill Millennium Centre in his hometown of Newport.

Churcher, who was World ranked some two hundred plus places lower than Horvath, dominated the bout right from the off. Working behind a good solid jab, the Newport lad enthralled the local fans with some slick combinations, to both body and head, so much so that the more experienced Hungarian soon had to result to holding tactics whenever Churcher was in close range.

The canny Welshman was having none of it though and just patiently waited for any opportunity that came his way to punish Horvath with vicious body shots.

By midway through the first round Churcher’s confidence really began to grow, after badly shaking Horvath with the aforementioned body shots, so it came as no surprise to anyone when shortly after Churcher sent Horvath to the deck.

Horvath recovered but once again resorted to holding tactics to frustrate Churcher through to the end of the round.

More of the same in round two more or less, except Churcher really started to get into a flow, catching Horvath with more vicious body shots, the Hungarian tried to cover up, before again trying to grab hold of the Welshman, Churcher is canny though and worked behind the jab again before letting rip with yet another huge right hand to send Horvath down for the second time.

The Hungarian made the count and immediately on the restart Churcher went back on the attack, but the Hungarian tried to stifle the Welshman’s attacks by attempting to grab hold again, Churcher though used this to his advantage and let rip with a huge body shot to send the Hungarian back down to the canvas.

Clearly in distress, Horvath made an initial attempt to get back to his feet before settling to be just up on one knee, the pain showing on the Hungarian’s face clear for all to see as he attempted to unsuccessfully beat the count.

Whilst it may not have been a classic, nothing, but nothing can take away from Lee Churcher the artistry of his craft and tactics throughout and of course claiming the third Championship accolade of his career, the World Boxing Foundation Intercontinental Middleweight Championship, to add to his British Masters and BBBofC Welsh Area Title.

Main support for the Churcher-Horvath Championship bout, featured a four round Super Welterweight bout between Nottingham duo Carwyn Herbert and Matt Scriven.

What a cracking fight, both combatants going at it hammer and tongs in close combat for the full three minutes of each and every round.

After the full four rounds of non-stop action referee Chris Kelly scored the bout 40-36 to the youngster Carwyn Herbert, however that doesn’t really express the closeness of each round or the full on intent of either competitor throughout.

Supporting the two pro bouts were six Wales versus England exhibition bouts, supervision courtesy of Wales Boxing. Whilst I’m not going to cover these because they were not pro, have to say the final two bouts of the six were excellent and really could have featured on any pro card and nobody would have known the difference.

Have to say plaudits must go to co-promoters Dave Murphy (Acourtier Events) and Steven Fisher (Lights Out Promotions) for digging deep into their pockets to bring both the MBC and the WBF Championship to Wales for the first time, even if it meant there wasn’t enough money in the kitty to justify a full pro show, hopefully the Welsh fans will get behind Lee Churcher so his first defense of the WBF title can also be in Newport or nearby.

MBC Secures Affiliation with WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council

EPBCMBCMBC Secures Affiliation with WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council

Malta Boxing Commission (MBC) Vice President and co-founder Gianluca Di Caro announced earlier today that their request for affiliation with the WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council (EPBC) has been successful.

Speaking earlier Mr. Di Caro said. “We are overjoyed to have been granted affiliation with the WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council and are most grateful to WBC EPBC President Mr. Alan Kim for assisting us to secure the affiliation and the opportunity to have MBC licensed boxers campaign for this prestigious championship.

I cannot begin to stress how important this affiliation is to the MBC and our members, as this will open the doors for our boxers to challenge for WBC EPBC championship honours not just in Malta and the UK but also across Europe, Asia and the Pacific region.

2016 is already proving to be a pivotal and busy year for the MBC, we have nine Championship bouts lined up, five of which are World title fights, with another four in advanced negotiation.

Since announcing to our members yesterday, a number of boxers have already stated their interest in campaigning for WBC EPBC titles, and more importantly we also have two promoters that are keen to host WBC EPBC championship bouts.

Hopefully within the next few weeks or so we’ll be in the position to announce the first WBC Eurasia Boxing Council Championship bout featuring an MBC boxer…watch this space.”

Hillyard, Marston & Khan World Title Battles Co-Headline 6th Dec London Event

Red Colosseum Wallpaper.jpgHillyard, Marston & Khan World Title Battles Co-Headline 6th Dec London Event

London promoter Mark Lyons has joined forces with Championship campaigning Marianne Marston to co-promote a huge pre-Christmas event, aptly named LET BATTLE COMMENCE, at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, on Sunday 6th December.

Heading up the fifteen-bout card are no less than three World Championship battles:

Bradford’s Tasif Khan makes his first foray onto the World stage, when he challenges Ghana’s Isaac Quaye for the World Boxing Union Super Flyweight Championship.

Reigning World Boxing Union Super Middleweight International Champion, Nazeing, Essex’s George ‘Hithard’ Hillyard aims to add the vacant WBU World crown to his collection, when he faces a yet to be named opponent.

Finally British #1 and reigning MBC International Super Bantamweight Champion Marianne Marston will go toe to toe with Hungary’s Csilla Nemedi in a four, WBU, WBF, WIBA & WIBC, Bantamweight World title unification bout.

Also on the Championship trail on this historic event will be a number of fast rising young stars.

Former Team GB star Iain ‘The Blessed One’ Weaver gets his first taste of professional Championship boxing, when he challenges a yet to be named opponent for the International Masters Super Featherweight title.

Bardney, Lincolnshire’s unbeaten prospect, Nathan ‘Nightmare’ Decastro also will be fighting for an International Masters Championship, albeit at Middleweight.

The final Championship bout will see reigning MBC International Welterweight Champion, Hackney’s Siar Ozgul, challenge for another International Crown, this time at Super Welterweight.

Supporting the six Championship bouts are nine bouts featuring the cream of local talent, including another reigning Champion, WBF Super Bantamweight Intercontinental supremo Paul Economides in a non-championship six rounder.

Joining Paul on the undercard is another well known Champ, former British and Commonwealth King, Michael Aldiss, who made his most welcome return to the ring back in October.

Another hugely popular recent returnee to the hallowed square ring, Super Middleweight Manzo Smith will also be in action, as will Rockin’ Robin Deakin, who will be seeking to add another win to his card, following his victory over Deniss Kornilovs back in August.

Unbeaten, big punching Cruiserweight prospect Daniel Mendez will be looking to add a third scalp to his belt on the night, as Adam Taylor seeks to get his career back on track when he faces off against a yet to be named opponent.

Back in August Marianne Marston, Shaunagh Brown and Sam Smith made history when they all fought on the same event at York Hall, as that was the first time that three female bouts took place on a pro event in the UK, well on the 6th December that record will get broken, as joining Marianne on the card will be former Big Brother star and multi title challenger Angel ‘The Entertainer’ McKenzie, British Masters Super Flyweight Champion and World Championship challenger Juliette Winter and making her most welcome return to the sport Jamie Johnson.

In addition to the top class boxing fayre, the event will also feature the first live performance by local singing star Stephan Dante, who will be performing her viral smash ‘Nails Did’, as well as further tracks from her soon to be released debut album.

To cram all this action in the doors will open at 2:30pm, with the first bout starting at 3pm.

Tasif Khan vs Isaac Quaye, Marianne Marston vs Csilla Nemedi and George Hillyard vs TBA World Title bouts co-headline the Monarch Communications, BoxFit UK, 3X Sports and Sulnox Eco Systems PLC sponsored Mark Lyons and Marianne Marston co-promoted LET BATTLE COMMENCE event at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Sunday 6th December 2015.

This event is sanctioned courtesy of the Malta Boxing Commission (MBC)

Tickets, priced £35 (standard seated) and £65 (Ringside) are available from any of the boxers taking part, on-line at and or call 07960 850645

Twitter: @LondonBattle


BREAKING NEWS: Myekeni Withdraws From World Unification Battle With Marston Due to Injury.

MarstonLecko7061WEBREADYBREAKING NEWS: Myekeni Withdraws From World Unification Battle With Marston Due to Injury.

Mdantsane, South Africa’s Unathi Myekeni has been forced to withdraw from the World Bantamweight WBU, WBFed, WIBA & WIBC World Championship Unification contest, against London, England’s Marianne Marston, which was due to take place at York Hall in London, on Sunday 6th December.

World Boxing Federation President Howard Goldberg broke the news, to Marston’s team earlier today, that Myekeni suffered a serious hand injury in training that would prevent her competing on December 6th

Mr. Goldberg also proposed a possible replacement, reigning FECOMBOX Mexican National Champion Jessica Arreguin Munoz, from Agua Prieta, Mexico, whose record stands at nine wins and just the single loss.

Shortly after hearing the news Marston spoke briefly on the situation and the possibility of boxing Munoz.

“My first thoughts were, oh no here we go again.

I can’t believe it I think I’ve only ever had one fight when I fought the girl we had originally planned, my last fight has to be the worse though, nine pullouts before finally fighting Jekaterina Lecko on the night.

I feel sorry for Unathi, but can’t deny I am also very disappointed as now we have to have a new opponent.

We had everything sorted for the camp based on Unathi and her fight style, but now we may need to rethink the sparring partners, especially if it is Jessica Munoz I’ll be fighting as she’s a southpaw like myself.

I already know about Jessica, I’d seen her title fight against Lesly Morales, she’s a typical Mexican fighter, as tough as they come and likes to stand right there in front of you and have a proper slugfest.

Have to say if it is Jessica the British fans will be on the feet from start to finish as it will be an all out and very bloody war and that suits me just fine, as when I was being trained by Joe (late, great Heavyweight World Champion Smokin’ Joe Frazier) and Marvis (Marvis Frazier) in Philly, that’s the way they taught me to fight.

My style may have changed considerably since I’ve been back in England, but believe me I am still more than happy and more importantly more than capable to have a good old fashioned toe-to-toe slugfest when needs be, believe me I don’t care I’ll do whatever I need to do to win those titles.

Now we have to see if Ryan (WIBA President Ryan Wissow) and Don (WBU & WIBC President Don Lewis) will accept Jessica as the replacement for Unathi, otherwise it’s back to the drawing board.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to my sponsors, Monarch Communications, Optimax, Boxfit UK and 3X Sports for being so understanding of the situation as well as their continuing to be so supportive of me and this World significant event.”

Marianne Marston, against a yet to be named opponent for the unified WBU, WBFed, WIBA and WIBC World Bantamweight Championships co-headline the Mark Lyons and Marianne Marston co-promoted LET BATTLE COMMENCE event at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Sunday 6th December 2015.

This event is sanctioned courtesy of the Malta Boxing Commission (MBC)

Tickets, priced £35 (standard seated) and £65 (Ringside) are available from any of the boxers taking part, on-line at and or call 07960 850645

Please show your support and follow Marianne Marston on Twitter @MarianneMarston or on Facebook as well as the Let Battle Commence event on Twitter @LondonBattle or on Facebook.

Female World Unification Bout Co-Headlines Dec 6th London Event

Female World Unification Bout Co-Headlines Dec 6th London Event

London, England’s Marianne Marston is set for the toughest fight of her career to date, when she squares off against Mdantsane, South Africa’s Unathi Myekeni in a World Bantamweight Unification contest, at York Hall in London, on Sunday 6th December.

British #1, Marston was hoping to challenge interim WBC Bantamweight Champion Christina Mc Mahon for her title this October, however Mc Mahon was offered the opportunity to challenge Alicia Ashley for the WBC Super Bantamweight crown in New York on the 29th October, a golden opportunity the talented Irishwoman just couldn’t turn down.

With no championship bout on the immediate horizon Marston had decided to take on a non-championship bout at York Hall on October 23rd, then earlier this month she was offered the opportunity to challenge Myekeni in South Africa early in 2016, by World Boxing Federation President Howard Goldberg.

Some slick negotiations by Marston’s team and London promoter Mark Lyons, along with support from her sponsors Monarch Communications, BoxFit UK, Optimax and 3X Sports, the contest was bought forward to December and moved to London.

Marston, who secured the MBC International title, as well as the World #24 ranking, in October last year with a shut out points win over Marianna Gulyas, to line her up for the shot at a World title, however since that win Marston has only fought the once, beating Riga, Latvia’s Jekaterina Lecko by second round stoppage back in August.

Her opponent on the 6th December, Unathi Myekeni, is far more experienced, both competition wise, as well as Championship wise, and has previously held both the World Boxing Federation and World Boxing Foundation International titles as well as the World Boxing Federation Super Bantamweight World Crown.

In her last contest, Myekeni fought and lost by majority decision to fellow South African Gabisile Tshabalala for the WBFed Super Bantamweight title.

Speaking earlier Marston spoke briefly about the upcoming fight,

“I cannot begin to express how pleased I am to still get to fight for a World title this year and the fact it will be a unification of four titles makes it even more special.

When Christina told us she has the opportunity to fight in America for the WBC full title and as such our fight wouldn’t go ahead this year, I was really disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong I’m pleased for Christina, but from day one of the discussions with her management we had been preparing for that fight, everything we had been working on was to fight her, we even tried to get an opponent that was similar in style to her for the August fight, but so it goes.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of Unathi’s fights so don’t know too much about her, hopefully we’ll have some video of her title fights this week and then we can start looking for suitable sparring partners and really get the camp started.

I can’t thank Howard (Goldberg) enough for giving me this opportunity, as well as Ryan (WIBA President Ryan Wissow) and Don (WBU & WIBC President Don Lewis) for their allowing me to fight for their titles too, as well as Mark (Promoter Mark Lyons) and my wonderful sponsors Monarch Communications, Optimax, Boxfit UK and 3X Sports for them being right behind me and giving me the opportunity of participate in this historic unification bout, what’s more right here in London.

I also have to thank my wonderful fans, they really are fantastic, so supportive and very, very noisy, hopefully we’ll have a full house at York Hall on December 6th, if we do they’ll raise the roof when I fight, that’s for sure.”

Marianne Marston vs Unathi Myekeni for the unified WBU, WBFed, WIBA and WIBC World Bantamweight Championships co-headline the Mark Lyons and Marianne Marston co-promoted LET BATTLE COMMENCE event at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Sunday 6th December 2015.

This event is sanctioned courtesy of the Malta Boxing Commission (MBC)

Tickets, priced £35 (standard seated) and £65 (Ringside) are available from any of the boxers taking part, on-line at and or call 07960 850645

Economides Defends WBF Title Against Ankrah On Undercard Of Roy Jones Jr-Tony Moran on Sept 12th.

PaulEconomidesWBF0236WEBREADYEconomides Defends WBF Title Against Ankrah On Undercard Of Roy Jones Jr-Tony Moran on Sept 12th.

In just eight days time Chester’s Paul Economides steps into the ring to undertake the first defense of his World Boxing Federation (WBF) Intercontinental Super Bantamweight crown, against Ghana’s Prosper Ankrah, on the Stephen Vaughan promoted LEGEND event, at the Aintree Equestrian Centre on Saturday 12th September, which is headlined by Roy Jones Jr’s first ever UK fight, against Tony Moran.

Economides, who sensationally stopped Hungary’s David Kanalas in the second round back in August last year to secure the WBF Intercontinental title, is no stranger to Championship action, having previously secured the WBF International crown just four months previously as well as fought for the Welsh Area titles in two different weight divisions.

Ankrah, like Economides, is also an experienced Championship boxer, having secured both the Ghanaian Bantamweight and West African Boxing Union Bantamweight titles as well as challenged for both the Commonwealth and WBO International crowns.

Whilst the Ghanaian may be the clear bookies favourite, due to his superior record of 24 wins (15 by stoppage) and 5 losses, against Economides’ 17 wins (4 by stoppage) and also having 5 losses on his record, a number of well known British pundits are bucking the trend, predicting that Economides will stop Ankrah.

The basis for this being that all four of Economides’ stoppage wins have come over a period of twelve months and not one of his four opponents during that time survived past the second round and as if to add fuel to the fire of this argument, they point to the fact that Economides became the first to stop the highly durable two time Commonwealth title challenger Isaac Quaye.

Economides refused to be drawn into the speculation when he spoke about the upcoming fight.

“It’s a massive stage this one, I’m so excited to be on this bill as chief support for the Roy Jones Jr and Tony Moran title fight.

Crazy but I kinda forgot about my own fight at first, I got a bit too excited about the Roy Jones fight.

Everything’s good now and I’m fully focused on September 12th as I know I have a major task on my hands fighting Prosper Ankrah, he’s tough, he can fight but no problems I’m more than ready for him.

The fight’s just over a week away and I’m really looking forward to it, it’s a big stage but that doesn’t bother me at all.

It’s going to be the event of the season so anyone who hasn’t got their tickets yet, get them now before it’s too late, this is going to be a very, very special night, can’t wait.”

Tickets, priced £40, £60, £100 and VIP Ringside £150 for the Stephen Vaughan Promoted Roy Jones Jr. versus Tony Moran MBC International Cruiserweight Championship headed LEGEND event at the Aintree Equestrian Centre in Liverpool on Saturday September 12th 2015 are available now, buy on line at and or call 0333 200 0905.

Sanctioning for this event will be courtesy of the Malta Boxing Commission –

Khan-Quaye Title Fight Support For Roy Jones Jr-Tony Moran September 12th in Liverpool

TasifKhanWBFBelt6967WEBREADYKhan-Quaye Title Fight Support For Roy Jones Jr-Tony Moran September 12th in Liverpool

Bradford’s Tasif Khan is just over a week away from the biggest fight of his career to date, when he faces two time Commonwealth title challenger, Ghana’s Isaac Quaye, for the World Boxing Federation (WBF) International Super Flyweight Championship, on the Stephen Vaughan promoted LEGEND event, at the Aintree Equestrian Centre on Saturday 12th September, which is headlined by Roy Jones Jr’s first ever UK fight, against Tony Moran.

Khan, who only returned to the fray, following a twenty five month sabbatical from the sport, in January this year more than made up for his time out of the ring with three top class wins.

In the first of these bouts Khan disposed of Richard Voros in just over a minute of the first round, he then followed that with an almost identical time victory over Ladislav Miko in March, which lined him up for a shot at the International Masters title in May, against Mikheil Soloninkini, which Khan secured with an excellent unanimous points victory.

To describe Khan’s excitement about getting this opportunity to fight for the WBF title so soon after his return is an understatement, but when compared to his feelings about fighting for the title on the undercard of Roy Jones Jr versus Tony Moran made that pale in comparison, as he made clear when he spoke about the upcoming event.

“When I first got told I’ll be fighting on the Roy Jones bill, it was absolutely amazing, yeah amazing to fighting on the same show as Roy Jones.

I grew up watching him fight, in my eyes he’s one of the greatest fighters ever, not because of the accolade of titles that he’s won, the number of belts he’s won, from Middleweight upwards, but it’s unheard of to say to anyone these days that a middleweight is going to go all the way up to Heavyweight and win a World title and in those days the best fought the best, Roy Jones for me is one of the all time best fighters and to be on the same bill as him is all credit to the MBC (Malta Boxing Commission), Stephen Vaughan and Francis warren and I can’t thank them and everyone involved in this massive event enough and obviously for letting me fight on the event.”

Khan then went on talk about his opponent on September 12th – Isaac Quaye

“I’ve got full respect for Isaac Quaye, he’s got a good record, he’s been in with the best and he’s a tough Ghanaian as we know, so come September 12th we will be ready for him.

I can’t believe this, it’s been a short journey, but a sweet journey, the only difficult time I’ve had was the time away from the ring, I had a gap of about three years but obviously the MBC, all those involved with the MBC and the team around me have pulled together and gave me these opportunities.

My last fight gave me the opportunity to get my first belt (International Masters) of my career, so onwards and upwards.

I don’t look past any opponent and always train accordingly, we know Isaac Quaye is a tough opponent and in terms of World ranking he’s a lot higher than me, so it’s a win, win situation for me because I’ll prepare, like every fight, as if I’m the underdog, no doubt he’ll be coming in as the favourite and look to upset me and the crowd.

I have full respect for him outside the ring, but inside the ring I have no mercy for anyone, I want to go in their and cause damage as I want to win, so let’s get it on.”

Tickets, priced £40, £60, £100 and VIP Ringside £150 for the Stephen Vaughan Promoted Roy Jones Jr. versus Tony Moran MBC International Cruiserweight Championship headed LEGEND event at the Aintree Equestrian Centre in Liverpool on Saturday September 12th 2015 are available now, buy on line at and or call 0333 200 0905.

Sanctioning for this event will be courtesy of the Malta Boxing Commission –

Let’s Hear It From The Girls – Marston, Smith & Brown Presser Quotes

SamMarianneShaunagh0780WEBREADYLet’s Hear It From The Girls – Marston, Smith & Brown Presser Quotes

There was more than a hint of glamour at the recent press conference, for the upcoming Mark Lyons and Billy James-Elliott promoted LORDS OF THE RING II event, which took place at The Square Pie in Spitalfields Market, as all three female boxers that will be taking part were in attendance, along with other boxers that will be competing at this historic event.

LORDS OF THE RING II has secured it’s place in the history books of the sport as this will be the first professional boxing event, in the UK, to feature three female combatants.

The first to speak was Team GB athlete Shaunagh Brown, from Peckham, London, a successful athlete in three disciplines, Shot Putt, Hammer Throw and Discus, who makes her professional debut on August 29th.

“I’m excited to be making my pro debut next week, I can’t wait.

I’ve always worked hard to prepare for a competition, but the work you have to do as a boxer is another level altogether.

My coach Mark (former Commonwealth Champion Mark Reefer) has been brilliant, I’ve learned so much from him, he really has made this move from athletics to boxing much easier than it should have been.

I’m just looking forward to getting in the ring now and do just what Mark has taught me to do”

Next to speak was Leeds, Yorkshire’s Sam Smith, who recently beat Zsofia Bedo to secure the International Masters International title, on just her third professional bout.

“It’s been a long journey to get here today but it’s been worth it, it’s been my dream to fight at York Hall one day and now I am.

This has all happened so fast, I fought on August 2nd and was going to take a week off from training, but when Lee (former Irish Champion Lee Murtagh) said he could get me on the show that went straight out the door, I had to take it, so just took a couple of days off and then straight back in the gym to get ready.

I’m ready and raring to go, can’t wait.”

Finally British #1 and reigning MBC International Champion, Woolwich, London’s Marianne Marston took to the mike.

“I would not only like to thank Mark and Billy (promoters Mark Lyons and Billy James-Elliott) for giving myself the opportunity to fight on their August 29th show, but also thank them for unwavering support of Women’s boxing.

It’s an honour to be involved in such an historic event, have to say though it’s been a rather long time coming.

Everyone expected that Women’s boxing would take off here, after the success of the sport at the London 2012 Olympics, but it’s only now that it is, although saying that I must stress that this is only possible because of the MBC (Malta Boxing Commission), as they are the only pro organization operating in the UK that actively encourage and support Women’s Professional Boxing.

Hopefully this is the start of big things for us, last year we had myself and Angel (McKenzie) fighting on the same show, now we have Sam, Shaunagh and myself all fighting on the same event, hopefully by this time next year we will create even more history with an all female event.

I can’t wait to get back in the ring, it’s been nearly ten months since I last fought, which is way too long.

I’m pleased to say that the injury that stopped me fighting earlier in the year is now healed, so I have been able to train fully for next Saturday’s fight.

We’re all hoping that there will be some good support from the fans, not only is it the new season opener and the first chance to catch some boxing action in the Capital after the summer break, but also it’s the first time ever that there are three Women’s boxing bouts on a pro show.

So get your tickets now, this is definitely a not to be missed show.”

LetsHearItForTheGirlsPosterThe Mark Lyons and Billy James-Elliott Wise Guys promotions LORDS OF THE RING II event will take place at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 29th August 2015.

This event is sanctioned courtesy of the Malta Boxing Commission (MBC)

Tickets, priced £35 (standard seated) and £65 (Ringside) are available from any of the boxers taking part, on-line at and or call 07960 850645 or 07807 282559