Steve Webber

Steve Webber – Director: Head of Broadcasting

Steve began his career in 1966 initially as a performer and subsequently as head of progressive music and song plugger with Chappell music publishers.

This was followed by a four year engagement managing live acts and chain of international discotheques.

In 1974 Steve helped to set up one of the worlds very first video companies selling pre- recorded films and saw it grow to become one of the largest independent video distributors in the world.  

Progressing from video into the television industry producing, packaging and distributing television and video programmes he joined Trilion Pictures, later to become Span Pictures, a company that produced over 100 hours of programming that included rock & classical music concerts through to sport documentaries.  

Steve became an independent producer in 1992, producing an eclectic mix of programmes as varied as wild life documentaries through to sport and comedy and also represented other producers licensing a variety of programmes to both video and TV worldwide.

In 2002 Steve moved on to work in the creative services / agency industry initially with William Martin Productions and subsequently to agencies specialising in selling online and digital marketing solutions. 

2015 saw his return to the television business with Canis Television and Media and he began to get to grips with the massive disruption taking place in the broadcast television industry.

2018 Steve became a freelance Broadcast & Digital Media Consultant and is actively helping a number of individual clients adapt to the new and ever-changing broadcast and digital landscape.

Clients include Canis Television & Media, TV Warehouse, a teleshopping channel broadcasting on Sky and is serving as Director of Broadcasting for Go Sports and Entertainment.

Tel: (UK) +44 (0)7721 785778